Cyber Security Operation Centre

What is a CSOC, and Why is it important to your organization?

A Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) is the backbone of cyber security protection.  It provides situational awareness of the threat any organization may be faced with, delivering essential functions of monitoring, and detecting a cyber event that may negatively impact an organization’s security. A CSOC is a focal point for a multitude of security services including threat intelligence monitoring and auditing, vulnerability testing, penetration testing, phishing simulations, social engineering, incident response, employee training, and device management and security compliance. 

CSOC services offer a pragmatic solution to SMBs that host key IT operational devices on their network yet do not have the internal resources to adequately manage cyber security threats. The CSOC team can analyze an SMBs log data, in real-time, to expose threats and deliver critical situational awareness security alerts in a timely manner. “State-of-the-art cyber security is not as simple as outsourcing support. A CSOC is staffed with world-class cyber security experts who operate in a ‘culture of security’ and act directly as an extension of an organizations in-house or contracted IT team, but view their operating environment from a cyber perspective”, says Gerard Racine, VP of Threat Intelligence at CyberWolfe Cyber Security Inc. 

CSOC solutions are designed with the ability to easily customize various tools and resources to acquire, monitor, analyze, and provide real-time defense of internetworking and information infrastructures. They proactively protect a wide scope of IT infrastructure, including, networks, servers, virtual machines, applications, databases and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, in real-time. ‘Ethical hackers’ bringing together experienced data centre capabilities, and computer science academic training, our CSOC functions include but are not limited to incident response, device management, and security compliance. They integrate operational processes with various Artificial Intelligence (AI) mechanisms to provide a multi-level security analyst oversight – resulting in 360-degree situational awareness of a cyber environment. 

The ideal CSOC model compartmentalizes each client’s solution to set it apart from other clients, providing true confidentiality, integrity, and availability control over data.  This translates into efficiencies for clients by reducing delays in detecting alerts and providing real-time incident response. This compartmentalization offers economies of scale that are passed on directly to clients.

Services delivered through a CSOC can act as an extension of existing IT support team should any threat actor attempt to breach organization systems. Engineering a Cyber Security solution is about building systems and processes that both remain dependable in the face of wrongful intentional, misconfiguration errors, or ‘rolling the dice’ on how likely a cyber-attack will occur. 

When is it too late? The COST of not acting! 

After a breach has occurred, whether it be a ransomware attack or other malicious activities that may be occurring undetected, significant disruptions to a business, and the remediation costs, can be staggering. This unplanned cascade of events and effort often threaten the very existence of a business, especially for an SMB. 

“Every organization should proactively protect their business data from ‘threat actors’ or hackers, and test and retest their program to ensure its integrity”, says Mike Sear, Director of Sales, Cover-All Managed Cloud and IT Services. A CSOC allows SMBs to gain access to the expertise required without significant internal investments in staffing and equipment. It provides proactive real-time monitoring of an organization’s digital landscape allowing an SMB to focus on their core business. 

Cover-All Managed Cloud and IT Services and CyberWolfe Cybersecurity Inc. bring together the cyber security skills, knowledge, and experience of CyberWolfe and Cover-All’s Managed Services Provider best practices for managing and hosting a physical Cyber Security Operations Centre. For more information on our Cyber Security Services please call 1-833-268-3788 or visit our website at: