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Cover-All's state-of-the-art Data Centre

Cover-All's cutting edge Data Centre

Cover-All has built-in multiple layers of redundancy at every level including physical, environmental and network specifications to keep your systems, network, applications and data safe.  With a 99.99% availability, you can rest assured we will keep your IT environment running smoothly.

Physical Operations Security

Our Data Centre is 11,000 square feet of raised computer room floor space.  Access is restricted by a monitored, dual authentication bio-metric physical access system, and camera surveillance into the Network Operations Centre and throughout the entire building.  It includes digital recording of all motion, including monitoring of all exterior building entrances and raised computer room floor.  Our Data Centre is staffed and monitored 24/7/365 and is SOC 2© compliant and ISO 27001 certified.

Environmental Security

Fire suppression 

Our Data Centre is protected by a dual interlock pre-action dry pipe system with VIEW (Very Intelligent Early Warning system) technology.  We also have dry chemical and CO2 extinguishers throughout the data centre, which undergo yearly inspection and maintenance.  In addition, we have laser and moisture detectors located throughout the raised floor area and in the ceiling.

Cooling & Humidity Systems

Maintaining the cooling systems of a data centre is critical.  At Cover-All, we have 5 computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units that maintain the temperature, air distribution and humidity in our Data Centre.  With a total of 110 tons of cooling we have achieved N+1 redundancy.  All of our heating, air conditioning and ventilation equipment (HVAC) is under maintenance agreement and undergoes quarterly inspections.

Power Supply Security 

Tested by multiple ice storms, our power supply has never gone interrupted! Cover-All operates on an N+1 redundancy model, which means our electrical systems are fully redundant.

Our facility is located in an area where there is enhanced multiple routing within the Hydro grid, which helps to maintain the reliability of the grid by providing multiple routes for power to flow allowing us to maintain our electrical systems.

We also have two 300KVA “Powerware UPS”, which provide uninterruptable power supply and surge protection.  In the event of a hydro power grid failure, our two UPS systems will take over the load immediately.  The UPS, or backup batteries, are capable of handling the load for up to 45 minutes, if necessary.  If power is not restored within 30 seconds, one of our two redundant 800 KVA diesel generators will take over.  Our generators are under maintenance agreement and undergo testing on a bi-weekly basis, and semi-annual inspections and maintenance are conducted with a “Load Test”.

Environmental Monitoring

Cover-All has implemented Trivision’s DCIM solution for monitoring, alarming and reporting on key elements within the Data Centre including cooling & humidity levels, power feed and diesel generator status.
Cover-All makes use of the RTAM methodology for real time alert monitoring.  This methodology provides for setting major, minor, and informational alerts ensuring appropriate actions are taken in a timely manner.

Network Security

Separate and fully redundant high-speed network connections enter the building from different access points.  All major Telcos have fibre presence in our Data Centre including Bell, Cogeco, Telus, Allstream, and Rogers.  Multi-homed, dual Internet feeds in a high availability Border Gateway Patrol (BGP) setup gives us redundant internet lines, increasing the reliability and performance of our network.

Systems, Network, Applications and Data Security

Many businesses do not have the internal network systems in place to ensure their business is secure from potential intrusions.  Cover-All’s security architecture has the right security systems in place to ensure your systems, network, applications and data are secure.  Our systems dynamically adapt and assemble resources to handle any potential attacks on our infrastructure.  This includes both ‘Detective’ and ‘Preventative’ controls.

Detective controls

Cover-All’s intrusion detection and monitoring system is designed to alert to a potential attack including, viruses, malware, ransom ware, phishing attacks and more.  Our ‘detective’ controls are designed to detect and react appropriately to any potential threat.  In the event of an attack, a detective control will automatically signal the ‘preventative’ controls to address the threat.

Preventive controls

Preventive controls strengthen the network by automatically sensing potential threats and quarantining them before they enter the network.  In addition, other preventive measures such as two-factor authentication ensure that only positively identified users are allowed access to your system, while unauthorized users are blocked from entering your system.
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