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Unplanned outages can result in the inability to access mission critical data, meet regulatory compliance requirements and service level agreements, as well as increased security risks and lost business.

Cover-All Managed Cloud and IT Services is a partner of IBM Cloud and Veeam, the number one backup and recovery application for virtual server environments. Veeam for IBM Cloud enables Cover-All clients to perform backup and recovery of their data and business systems on any Cloud, any app, or any platform.

Trusted by 375,000 customers worldwide, Veeam for IBM Cloud delivers availability for your Cloud and virtual server workloads through a single platform and management console. Our partnership delivers simple, flexible, and reliable backup and recovery for all your applications and data, eliminating the need for expensive and complicated backup solutions.

Cover-All provides you with personalized services, helping you build a strong backup and recovery strategy for your business.  A Cover-All team member will get to know you and your business personally, designing the right backup and recovery strategy to meet your unique business needs.  That’s the Cover-All difference!

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Benefits of Cover-All’s partnership with Veeam to your business

Flexible Backup
Protect your data whether it is in the Cloud, virtual, or physical environment.  We allow you the flexibility to deal with storage vendors and technology partners that are best for your business and you will not be encumbered by capacity-based restrictions or proprietary appliances.

Fast recovery
Lightning fast restores for files, Virtual Machines (VMs) and applications, ensuring low Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs).

Instead of installing a backup agent on individual virtual machines, Veeam for IBM Cloud reduces costs through reduced software licensing, bandwidth use and component acquisition.  It also simplifies administration, by utilizing a centralized managed approach, enabling administrators to control every VM from one central point.

Cloud/data portability
Natively backup, recover or migrate any workload to and from any Cloud provider to keep your data safe from attack.

Intelligent data re-use
Reuse your backup data to ensure security, compliance, recoverability, successful upgrades and make smarter decisions.

Secure replication
Use imaged-based replication and streamlined Disaster Recovery (DR) for increased speed, security, and availability. 

Smart storage
Create fast backups and replicas from snapshots using hardware from a wide variety of storage solution providers.

Seamless Integration
Backup built for virtualization and works seamlessly with your hypervisor supporting them both on a single console. You can even move licenses between VMware and Hyper-V and not change your agreement.

Instant File Recovery
Instant File Recovery enables administrators to restore guest files from a compressed and duplicated backup without having to restore an entire machine.

Instant VM Recovery
If your VM goes down you can restart it again on any host and it is possible for full recovery to occur in the background, with no impact on users or your business.

Backup as a Service (BaaS)
BaaS is designed to allow clients the flexibility to backup their data to a secondary location.  Usually a secure Cloud based Data Centre.  Depending on your backup requirements the data can be restored to servers either at the same location or at a location of your choice.  This flexibility helps to recover critical data files quickly and efficiently.

It’s important to note that BaaS is different than DRaaS.
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Disaster Recovery Checklist

  • RTO – Recovery Time Objective
  • RPO – Recovery Point Objective
  • Vital Records
  • Vulnerability Matrix
  • Vendor Contacts
  • Employee Contacts
  • Skills Matrix
  • DR Location
  • Hot Site
  • Cold Site
Disaster Recovery Checklist - Cover-All Managed IT Services
  • Activation Criteria
  • Team Roles & Responsibilities
  • BIA - Business Impact Assessment
  • Business Resumption Location
  • Testing & Validation
  • Pandemic Planning
  • Data Replication
  • HA – High Availability
  • Subscription Service

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