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Build a Cloud with POWER

IBM’s POWER Servers are built for the world’s most data intensive and demanding computing requirements.  POWER in the Cloud offers you high speed performance, scalability, powerful security, and improved latency.

Cover-All Managed Cloud Services is helping clients modernize their on-premises infrastructure by moving to IBM’s POWER Servers, enabling them to extend their infrastructure and accelerate the deployment of new workloads. 

Cover-All provides you with personalized services, helping you to better realize these benefits.  A Cover-All cloud team member will get to know you and your business personally, designing the right cloud infrastructure to meet your unique business needs.  We walk you through the transition process and are here to answer all your questions every step of the way.  Our personalized cloud services will help you to reduce your IT costs, while maximizing business opportunities.   That’s the Cover-All difference!

Gain a competitive advantage with POWER in the Cloud Systems

  • Minimize disruptions by testing new POWER systems to see how your AIX and IBMi applications perform before a launch.
  • Reduce the need for investment in physical equipment with POWER in the Cloud resources that are only turned up in DR mode. 
  • Modernize quickly and easily because you no longer need to procure servers, worry about setting up and testing hardware and software, or struggle with ongoing maintenance.
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), with modular scalability.  No need for overprovisioning to account for workload peaks. 
  • Simplify multi-cloud by enabling data intensive and mission critical workloads in private and hybrid cloud environments.
  • Strengthen security with built-in security at all layers, from processor to the OS.
  • Increase efficiencies with rapid application deployment.
  • Save money with pay for use/consumption on demand.
  • Improve efficiencies with IT management simplification, standardization, and modernization.
  • Gain competitive advantages with continuous infrastructure innovation.
  • Proven reliability delivering 99.9996% uptime.

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