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The question is not ‘if’ there comes a time when you will need to recover your data, the question is ‘when’.  Data backup and recovery systems have become a critical component of all business operations.  The consequences of not being prepared can mean significant downtime to your business that often translates to losses. 

Cover-All has decades of experience developing, testing, executing, and auditing backup and recovery plans for our clients.  Our Cloud and  IT experts help companies of all sizes improve business resiliency in the event data recovery is required.  This includes one-time data file restores, point-in-time data restores, or identifying a Disaster Recovery location.  We also help determine Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) that meet your company’s specific needs, in case of a full disaster situation.

Whether it is your Cloud, open systems, or mainframe, we have your back!

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Cover-All Backup & Recovery/DR Services

Cloud Backup & Recovery

Backup and recovery of your data and business systems on any Cloud, any app, or any platform. Deliver availability for all your Cloud, virtual server workloads through a single platform and management console.

Veeam ProPartner
Open Systems Backup & Recovery

Simple, flexible, and reliable backup and recovery for all your data.

  • Physical tape media sent offsite
  • Disk replicated to an offsite SAN (Storage Area Network) device
  • Disk replicated to Cloud ICOS (IBM Cloud Object Storage)
Veeam ProPartner
Mainframe Disaster Recovery

Identify recovery location and determine Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) that are best for your specific company’s requirements.
  • Hot Site
  • Warm Site
  • Cold Site

How We Can Help Your Business

Achieve Your IT Goals

Cover-All Managed IT Services

Disaster Recovery Checklist

  • RTO – Recovery Time Objective
  • RPO – Recovery Point Objective
  • Vital Records
  • Vulnerability Matrix
  • Vendor Contacts
  • Employee Contacts
  • Skills Matrix
  • DR Location
  • Hot Site
  • Cold Site
Disaster Recovery Checklist
  • Activation Criteria
  • Team Roles & Responsibilities
  • BIA - Business Impact Assessment
  • Business Resumption Location
  • Testing & Validation
  • Pandemic Planning
  • Data Replication
  • HA – High Availability
  • Subscription Service

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