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What is Cloud Computing?

Most people use the Cloud everyday and without realizing it.  Instead of using a local server or a personal computer, Cloud Computing allows your business to use a network of remote virtual servers hosted on the Internet (“the Cloud”) to store, manage, and process data.  Cloud Computing offers the promise of a cost-effective, scalable infrastructure, giving your business the flexibility to better respond to changing requirements.

We build the right Cloud for your business

The Cloud is a great business equalizer when it comes to utilizing technology to advance your business opportunities.  Small and medium sized businesses now have access to technology only large businesses could once afford.  Cover-All provides you with personalized services, helping you to better realize these opportunities.  You won’t be expected to sign-up online for Cloud Services, guessing which Cloud offerings best suits your needs.  A Cover-All Cloud team member will get to know you and your business personally, designing the right Cloud infrastructure to meet your unique business needs.  We walk you through the transition process and are here to answer all of your questions every step of the way.  Our personalized Cloud Services will help you to reduce your IT costs, while maximizing business opportunities.  That’s the Cover-All difference!

Foundation for success

Cover-All Managed Cloud Services are built on the foundation of VMware, a global leader in virtualization and Cloud infrastructure.  VMware allows Cover-All to deliver the benefits of Cloud Computing with the flexibility, security, and control you need to meet your unique business objectives.  Cover-All can manage all of your Cloud needs from servers, storage, networks, software, databases and more.

Cover-All’s Managed Cloud Services will help you realize business opportunities, while providing you with a secure, scalable and flexible IT infrastructure.

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