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Cover-All Managed Cloud and IT Services has partnered with IBM Cloud® for VMware Solutions to provide our clients with access to innovative technologies accompanied by the personalized service that Cover-All is known for in the areas of security, availability, monitoring, operations and support.  

Cover-All’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution, CCS Atmosphere®, is built on IBM Cloud® for VMware Solutions.  CCS Atmosphere® provides virtualized computing resources over the internet and is a cost effective and secure way to host your servers, storage, and networking capacity in a managed Cloud environment.

Cover-All provides you with personalized services, helping you to better realize these opportunities.  A Cover-All Cloud team member will get to know you and your business personally, designing the right Cloud infrastructure to meet your unique business needs.  We walk you through the migration process and are here to answer your questions, every step of the way.  Our personalized Cloud Services will help you to reduce your IT costs, while maximizing business opportunities.  That’s the Cover-All difference!

Call us today to find out how this powerful partnership can help your business at 1-833-268-3788.

Benefits of IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions

Partnership between IBM and VMware spans over 15 years.  IBM Cloud® for VMware Solutions was jointly engineered with VMware and was the first cloud solution built for VMware workloads.  IBM and VMware have a joint innovation lab to further advance VMware technologies on IBM Cloud®.  This partnership enables a strong level of engineering collaboration between the two companies, resulting in a positive customer experience on the joint platform.

IBM Cloud® is the most secure, enterprise-grade cloud for VMware workloads.  Given the focus on business-critical workloads and business-sensitive data, IBM Cloud® for VMware Solutions is designed from the bottom up, with a focus on security and compliance needs for enterprise customers.  You will operate with the highest-level key management encryption with FIPS 140-2 Level 4 and “keep your own keys” (KYOK). 

Enhance your IT infrastructure scalability.  IBM’s Cloud® for VMware Solutions is highly scalable.  Cover-All can assist you with increasing and decreasing IT resources as needed to meet your changing demand.  Our Cloud experts will facilitate your system migration planning and implementation to satisfy your ever-changing business environment.

Simplify your migration processes.  IBM Cloud is compatible with existing VMware environments.  As a result, you don’t have to retrain, re-architect or create incompatible environment silos.  Cover-All has partnered with IBM Cloud® and VMware to offer you a streamlined approach for migrating VMware environments to the cloud.  By deploying new or existing VMware workloads in a Hybrid Cloud architecture with IBM Cloud®, you can achieve substantial benefits while using the same familiar tools, resources, and capabilities you currently employ with on-premises VMware deployments.

Minimize capital expenditures. IBM Cloud® for VMware enables you to provide right-size infrastructure and performance with 100+ bare metal configurations for VMware while reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with no-cost data transfer within a private network.  IBM Cloud® for VMware Solutions Shared uses VMware Cloud Director to enable you to extend your VMs to the cloud with ultimate capacity and scalability, while paying only for what is consumed.  With Cover-All managing the infrastructure, you don’t need to worry about providing updates and patching and can instead focus on application innovation.

Streamline operational efficiencies with open Hybrid Cloud Capabilities. Cover-All’s partnership with IBM Cloud® for VMware Solutions is strategically focused on building an open Hybrid Cloud platform that aligns perfectly with the needs and preferences of enterprises as they plan their Cloud adoption.  Open Hybrid Cloud gives you the ultimate flexibility by providing a standard operating system (OS) that can be moved from physical bare metal, private or public cloud, and have it operating in exactly the same way.  Migrate VMware workloads to the IBM Cloud® while using existing tools, technologies, and skills from your on-premises environment.

Accelerate application modernization.  Many organizations are making application modernization a top priority.  IBM Cloud® for VMware Solutions enables organizations to protect its investments in corporate intellectual property by updating its software portfolio to take advantage of contemporary infrastructure, tools, languages, and other technological advancements.  Cover-All’s partnership with IBM Cloud® for VMware Solutions can help you achieve greater agility, enabling you to respond to marketplace changes and evolving user demands quickly and efficiently.

Strengthen disaster recovery and business continuity. A robust cloud disaster recovery (DR) and backup strategy with multiple solution options and an expansive network of data centre-to-data centre replication helps protect you in the event of planned or unplanned outages.

Quickly and securely migrate SAP workload on VMware to the cloud. IBM Cloud® for VMware Solutions provides the flexibility to deploy SAP S/4HANA your way — on a public or private cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid environment—to meet your business requirements while maintaining control and security.

Reduce costs with data centre transformations. Migrating VMware workloads from on-premises infrastructure to IBM Cloud® helps expand capacity and consolidate data centre infrastructure onto an automated and centrally managed software-defined data centre.  On average, companies reduce data centre costs by 40% over a 3-year period.                  

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