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Competitive Agility is at the Core of Your Success

To compete effectively, businesses must be agile enough to meet consumer demand and keep pace with the competitive landscape. Organizations increasingly manage IT infrastructure projects to achieve desired outcomes – clearly defined end goals designed to achieve a specific, measurable result. Although outcomes are unique to each organization, one universal characteristic is that technological innovation and modernization can help organizations meet these expectations.

Is Modernization helping you achieve your outcomes?

Organizations looking to modernize their IT infrastructure frequently need assistance building an effective IT infrastructure that combines a mix of new and legacy technology. Mission-critical legacy applications often need to be maintained, while aging technology needs to be modernized to stay competitive. Cover-All’s team of IT experts will get to know your business objectives and evaluate the best mix of technology, including Cloud, Mainframe, and Servers, to help you design and manage an IT infrastructure that will help achieve your desired outcomes.

Improve Customer Experience

The most successful businesses have one thing in common, they offer exceptional customer experiences (CX). Technology has become pivotal in achieving higher levels of CX.  In order to achieve desired outcomes, IT transformations must factor in all stakeholders while ensuring the end users are the primary focus.  Application-driven CX can give your business a competitive edge; yet, if the infrastructure designed to support that application limits response times, for example, you will not achieve your desired outcome.

Updating your IT infrastructure to take advantage of leading-edge innovation can enhance your CX while improving security, regulatory compliance, and productivity. However, major technology initiatives, like implementing new enterprise systems, can disrupt an organization without strategic technology roadmap planning.  Cover-All works with clients to develop strategic technology roadmaps that meet unique business needs. Ask us about our “Guide to Maximizing your Technology Investments.”

Improve Customer Experience
  • Deliver a seamless user experience by building an IT infrastructure that combines mission-critical legacy applications with modernized technology to meet consumer expectations.
  • Achieve strong customer relationships with a technology infrastructure that enables you to respond quickly and more effectively to customer needs while keeping pace with industry and market demands.

Grow your business

Is your IT infrastructure helping you to stay on track with your objectives, or is it consuming so much of your time that it is hard for you to focus on what really matters – growing your business? Let us help you build and maintain your IT infrastructure so you can get back to your core business.

Reduce Service Delivery Costs

If you are like most businesses, you need to control costs to stay competitive. Let us help you build efficiencies through IT systems performance and capacity planning to help you achieve your growth objectives while making the best use of your IT capital and operating expenses.

Maintain Security and Compliance Standards

A proactive approach to cyber security is essential in locating and identifying your system's potential vulnerabilities before hackers can exploit them. Cover-All offers Cyber Security services and technology solutions with our Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) to help you maintain security and regulatory compliance. Our threat intelligence specialists are ready to help your business identify risks and maintain security and compliance standards.

Cover-All also helps ensure business resiliency with disaster recovery plans that keep you operational in the event of a disruption. Cover-All has decades of experience developing, testing, executing, and auditing backup and recovery plans for our clients.

A team of experts working for you

Cover-All has been helping organizations manage, support, and modernize their IT infrastructure and meet their business outcomes for over 25 years.

  • Keep your systems secure with experts who can advise you on the best options for your unique business needs
  • Improve data protection capabilities such as backup, archiving, and vaulting to your remote systems or our SOC 2 Type II audited Data Centre in Markham, Ontario.
  • .Enable speedy integration of new technologies to take advantage of business opportunities and cost savings.
  • Free your internal resources to work on priority projects while we manage, maintain, and support your IT infrastructure.

The Cloud: IT Infrastructure Engineered for Agility

Cloud technology enables businesses to access data from anywhere globally, offering seamless and exceptional customer experiences. It can be easily scaled and ensures business continuity.

Our partnership with IBM Cloud® gives you the best of both worlds - access to IBM Cloud specialized technologies, accompanied by the personalized Managed Services that Cover-All is known for. Our Managed Cloud Services team will work closely with your business to fill internal expertise gaps, offering you the best in Cloud technology with superior support to achieve your business outcomes.

Improve Customer Experience

  • Deliver a superior customer experience and enhance technical agility with open and portable applications, deployable on any Cloud, improving your time to market and your response to customers.
  • Respond faster to business demands, protect your data, and streamline automation with a frictionless Hybrid Cloud experience using IBM POWER Systems™.
  • Provide services from anywhere at any time and increase your ability to deliver personalized offerings.
  • Modernize Apps with enhanced control, security, and compliance. Continuously modernize and manage your applications on any Cloud platform with improved control and visibility, security, and regulatory compliance.

Achieve Financial Goals

  • Drive Cost efficiencies with a hybrid Cloud strategy that drives cost efficiency, increases productivity, and creates opportunities for innovation.
  • Transform your business model for growth with a hybrid Cloud approach, lowering application costs and improving return on investment with AI and automation.
  • Lower application development costs by utilizing unique automated tools for testing and deployment while reducing your total cost to develop new applications.

Maintain Security and Compliance Standards

  • Secure sensitive data with workloads utilizing IBM Power Systems Private Cloud Rack. Companies looking to move to the Private Cloud want to do so quickly and easily. Red Hat® Open Shift® and IBM Power Systems™ can help you secure sensitive data and workloads and deliver consistency and simplicity across the enterprise.
  • Run mission-critical applications and host sensitive data on-premises with a multicloud strategy. A multicloud strategy combines the best private and public Clouds enabling organizations to run mission-critical applications and host sensitive data on-premises. It offers the flexibility of the public Cloud and allows the movement of information between private and public services.
  • Ensure compliance with IBM Cloud® for Financial Services, which has pre-configured controls based on industry standards and country regulations that reduce financial institutions’ overall compliance risk.

The Server: IT Infrastructure Engineered for Control & Security

Servers, including Power Systems, IBM i and AIX, are powerhouses that can help to modernize your IT infrastructure. Certain mission-critical workloads are best managed by servers you own. They enable you to upload and download faster and offer complete control over the system setup and backups to meet your specific needs. Modern servers give you the power to respond to business demands faster, protect data from core to Cloud, streamline automation, and maximize availability and reliability.

Cover-All helps clients efficiently and securely modernize their on-premises infrastructure by moving to IBM’s POWER Servers, enabling them to extend their infrastructure and accelerate the deployment of new workloads.

Modernize applications to maximize value from data

  • Integrate new cloud-native services to innovate with existing applications.
  • Build once and deploy anywhere for optimized workload placement.
  • Access and analyze data faster to accelerate time to market.

Automate operations to improve productivity

  • Automate, modernize, and manage manual infrastructure tasks so teams can focus on higher-value projects.
  • Choose flexible consumption options with built-in cost optimization.

Maintain Security and Compliance Standards

  • Safeguard data with workload isolation and platform integrity from processor to the Cloud.
  • Simplify protection without impacting performance using transparent in-memory encryption.
  • Prepare for cryptography advancements such as Quantum-safe Cryptography and Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE).

The Mainframe: IT Infrastructure Engineered for Big Data & Security

The Mainframe is the powerhouse of mission-critical workloads with significant performance and security requirements. For organizations that utilize Mainframe computers, their business outcomes are firmly dependent on their successful operation.

When organizations strategize the future of their IT infrastructure, they need to consider that the Mainframe can work in conjunction with other servers allowing companies to utilize the Mainframe as a data warehouse or transaction processor. Regardless of the right setup for an individual business, the Mainframe remains much more stable and secure than a server cluster. Cover-All’s team of Mainframe and IT experts are committed to helping clients achieve their outcomes by building the optimal IT infrastructure to meet their goals.

Improve Customer Experience

  • Create a seamless experience with integrated technology. Today’s version of the Mainframe computer is equipped to handle the speed and security of high-demand processing but also can integrate with Cloud applications giving companies unprecedented flexibility when delivering exceptional and seamless customer experiences.
  • Access to highly trained Mainframe expertise enables you to deal with the severe shortage of Mainframe skills in the marketplace, which can affect both the operation of your Mainframe and your customer experience. Cover-All Managed IT Services hires and trains Mainframe personnel to manage and support the Mainframes for their largest clients. This shared resource pool has become a valuable asset for our clients.

Maintain Security and Compliance Standards

  • Unmatched security with IBM z Mainframe that encrypts data at light speed, which is a game changer in terms of cyber security.
  • Identify potential tampering and quickly encrypt the programming interfaces that tie together applications and services.
  • Storing sensitive data-at-rest on an IBM zSeries provides encryption protection against potential exposure, as long as its encryption key is secured.  This level of encryption is an attractive option for a company as part of its data loss prevention plan.

Achieve Financial Goals

  • Decrease capital costs: The total cost of ownership (TCO) of the new generation of Mainframes is lower than ever.
  • Decrease operational costs: Businesses will also see their software costs decrease as they invest in newer Mainframe technology.
  • Decrease labour costs: When analyzing cost savings, many companies fail to anticipate the additional cost for IT staff to maintain a server farm which is often more expensive than the cost of Mainframe hardware and software maintenance. In some cases, the additional cost of manpower eliminates savings, making the Mainframe a more attractive option.
  • Decrease infrastructure costs: Mainframes require an extensive infrastructure to host and maintain them, and increasingly, businesses are turning to Managed Services Providers (MSPs) to host their Mainframes in a purpose-built Data Centre, further reducing their capital and operating costs.

If you are looking for a Managed Services Provider to help you transform your IT infrastructure to meet your organization’s outcome objectives, give Cover-All’s team of IT experts a call today at 1-833-268-3788.

What Our Clients and Partners Say...

“We partnered with Cover-All to keep our IT infrastructure secure, placing PACKPRO in a strong position to focus on our core business. Heightened cyber security risks and PACKPRO's growth in the past 25 years motivated us to look for a partner capable of meeting our organization's current and future IT requirements. With cyber security monitoring and ongoing user support the Cover-All specialists provide, we're confident we have a reliable system to monitor daily risks and address IT-related matters promptly.
Cover-All has helped us take our IT environment to the next level. Not only do we now have the infrastructure to underpin PACKPRO’s growth, but we’re also compliant with the SOC 2© security requirements that many large organizations expect from their suppliers. PACKPRO has the IT environment necessary to meet current data needs, with plenty of room to grow as we implement our national strategy.”

Irina Kem
Director of Operations
PACKPRO Systems Inc.

“Given the importance of this service for our member companies and Canadian consumers, we appreciate how Cover-All and our previous supplier worked together closely to successfully migrate the DNM site. The level of communication, coordination and hands-on leadership instilled a great deal of confidence that the project was on track, and we would meet our transition goals,”

Tim Bishop, Vice President
Marketing & Member Engagement at CMA.

“Since we moved our production servers to the Cover-All data center / managed services, I have the peace of mind that our servers are always up and running. I know that I can count on Ramon to assist with file restores, server/networking troubleshooting, and process change requests quickly and efficiently. Partnering with Cover-All allowed me to offload the infrastructure day to day tasks, monitoring, and maintenance so that I can focus my time on strategic work at the RHRA.
Cover-All prioritizes long term client relationships and satisfaction over profits, therefore they provide very competitive pricing (without compromising on quality and service) compared to other players on the market.”

Dennis Kam-Thong
Manager, Information Systems
Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority

CyberWolfe chose to partner with Cover-All because of their world class, 11,000 square foot Data Centre, that is SOC 2 Type II compliant and ISO 27001 certified. This makes Cover-All the ideal partner to build a joint Cyber Intelligence Security Operations Centre.”

RJ Sahi, Sr.

Vice President Strategic Partnerships, CyberWolfe Inc.

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