Mainframe Remote Support

Mainframe Remote Support

Over 70% of Fortune 500 companies use mainframes. The world’s most critical data transactions in banking, government, healthcare, and the airline industry rely on mainframe computers.  As baby boomers retire, a shortage of mainframe technical skills is becoming increasingly apparent.

Although reducing costs is one of the reasons organizations look to Managed Services Providers (MSP) to outsource all or part of their mainframe infrastructure support, staffing issues remain one of the main reasons organizations look to mainframe remote support services.

Most, if not all, post-secondary schools no longer teach traditional mainframe technology skills, especially Systems Programming, mostly because today’s students hope to work for companies like Apple and Google.  “At some point, companies that run critical business applications on a mainframe computer may find themselves in a situation where something goes wrong with one of several critical mainframe subsystems including DB2, IMS, & CICS or they need to upgrade zOS to stay current and supported and they won’t have the internal skills required to perform these functions.”, says Steve Leggett, Managing Director, Cover-All Managed Cloud and IT Services.

For some organizations, maintaining internal staff is essential.  Recently, businesses have been looking to MSP’s specializing in mainframe remote support to supplement their internal IT staff as mainframe staffing shortages become a reality.  “Many organizations are looking to outsource at least part of their mainframe support to an MSP with experts on staff to deal with these issues”, says Leggett.

Utilizing outside services for mainframe support also offers companies strategic advantages.  Staff that continually work on repetitive, time-consuming tasks such as staying current with hardware and software updates, preventing them from focusing on strategic projects.  An added benefit to using outside services is it ensures security, technology, and operational compliance requirements are maintained.

Ultimately, organizations want to ensure their customers are receiving a high level of service, and in today’s mainframe skills shortage environment, outsourcing to an MSP is a prudent move.

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