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Benefits of IBM Cloud for Financial Services

IBM Cloud for Financial Services is designed to build trust and enable a transparent public Cloud ecosystem with the features for security, compliance, and resiliency that financial institutions require. Financial institutions can now confidently host their mission-critical, data-sensitive applications in the Cloud, and transact with confidence.

With an ecosystem of multiple financial institutions and more than 90 ISV, SaaS, and Fintech partners, financial institutions can deploy on the public Cloud to enable innovation and deliver new, outstanding customer experiences, while managing stringent industry regulations.

Central to this industry cloud platform is the IBM Cloud Framework for Financial Services, which provides industry-informed, pre-configured controls designed to help financial institutions realize continuous compliance, reduce cost and complexity, and accelerate their journey to the cloud.

Achieve continuous compliance

Pre-configured controls enable continuous compliance—accelerating cloud journeys and reducing compliance costs.

Accelerate innovation

A growing ecosystem of ISVs, Fintechs, and Insurtechs are integrated with IBM Framework controls to accelerate innovation while reducing risk.

Safeguard data

Confidential computing provides technology-assured safeguarding of data.

Only ISVs, SaaS providers, and other vendors that have demonstrated adoption and compliance with the IBM Cloud Framework for Financial Services are eligible to deliver their offerings through IBM Cloud for Financial Services™. 

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