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Managed Services

Cover-All Managed Cloud & IT Services

Building IT Infrastructure that optimizes performance while decreasing costs

Cover-All delivers cost effective solutions for Mainframe Services, Mid-Range and Open System Services, Remote Support, Cyber Security and so much more! Cover-All is trusted by FP200 companies to help manage, support and identify opportunities to optimize the performance of their IT infrastructure while decreasing their capital and operating costs. Our dedicated staff will work with you to find solutions that meet your business objectives. If you’re ready to work with a Managed Services company that’s like working with your own IT team, contact us today!

We’re here for all of your Managed IT Services needs

Mainframe Services

Trusted by leading Canadian Companies.

Our team of mainframe experts will look for opportunities to reduce your capital and operating costs while improving your mainframe functionality. Leading Canadian businesses trust Cover-All to host their mainframes, leaving you in good company.

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Managed IT Services

Personalized service saves you time and money.

Cover-All supports all major mid-range, and server/open platforms. Our IT experts have decades of experience managing virtually every platform and will look for opportunities to save you money.

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Managed Cloud Services

IBM Cloud Business Partner.

The Cloud is a great business equalizer when it comes to utilizing technology to advance your business opportunities.  Small and medium sized businesses now have access to technology only large businesses could once afford.

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Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Threat Protection: Strengthen Your Defences!

As the sophistication of corporate information technology environments increases, so too does the ability of cyber security criminals who adapt quickly to develop new ways to penetrate corporate and public systems..

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How We Can Help Your Business

Achieve Your IT Goals

Cover-All Managed IT Services

Cover-All Mainframe Services

Why Choose Cover-All’s Managed IT Services.

Experienced Staff

Tap into our specialized IT expertise.
Our team has a diverse IT background giving you access to as much or as little expertise as your business needs.  We have a wealth of experienced in-house talent with decades of experience, assuring you continuity of service.  We are here for you 24/7/365.  Our employees’ dedication to our clients is what makes our business so successful!

​Vendor Independence

We’re looking out for your best interests.
Vendor independence saves you time and money.  Cover-All is not tied to any specific software or hardware vendor.  Our flexible service offerings enable us to meet your business needs without the need to transition to new hardware or software, saving you time and money.

Current Technology

Stay up-to-date with no capital investment.
Cover-All helps companies that may not have the expertise or budget to stay current with their IT hardware, software and security infrastructure.  Let us show you how staying current can significantly reduce your IT costs. 

Competitive Pricing

We respect your budget.
Our competitive subscription pricing keeps you on budget.  At Cover-All, we won’t nickel and dime you.  We charge an all-inclusive monthly fee for contract services to ensure there are no surprises at the end of the month.

​Personalized Service

Our Service Desk is 24/7/365.
Cover-All provides exceptional customer service through our Service Desk.  Whenever you need us, we are only a phone call away, 24/7/365.  You will always receive a live body to answer your calls and our staff will get to know you and you will get to know them personally.  We are like an extension of your own in-house IT department.

Trusted Security

We keep your data safe.
State-of-the-art security keeps your data safe.  Cover-All’s state-of-the-art Data Centre is a secure location to host your data.  With our N+1 redundant systems, you will never need to worry about the interruption of service or the safety of your systems, network, applications or data.  All of our services are hosted in the Cover-All Data Centre which is SOC© compliant and ISO 27001 certified.

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