VMware, helping organizations stay competitive

Server virtualization is an indispensable part of all organizations that are in the midst of digital transformation critical to staying relevant and competitive.  Recognizing the needs of their customers while ensuring consistency and 24/7 availability, organizations have turned to new technologies to help achieve their goals.

VMware has unlocked the value of the Cloud and accelerate modernization of any app to deliver more innovation to users faster than ever before.  VMware is virtualization software that allows hardware elements of a single server to be divided into multiple virtual computers, called Virtual Machines or VM’s.

“Server virtualization has given IT departments the ability to maximize the efficient utilization of computer hardware, decreasing the footprint and overall investment necessary to keep up with growing demands on IT infrastructure. VMware is playing a big part of this transformation.”, says Vincent Yeung, Manager, Enterprise Services & Provisioning\CISO, Cover-All Managed  Cloud and IT Services.

The success of VMware can be attributed to invaluable benefits to organizations going through this IT transformation, making VMware standard practice in the IT infrastructure of organizations across the globe.

Maximizes hardware efficiencies: A primary advantage of VMware is that it allows for the better utilization of resources.  In a non-virtualized environment, there are many instances when you are not utilizing an application on a server, the computer is sitting idol and cannot be used for other applications.  In a virtualized environment, operational efficiencies are maximized by allowing several applications to run simultaneously, each on its own VM with its own operating system, on a single server, without sacrificing reliability. In short, you can achieve more computing capacity with fewer resources and running multiple, independent systems simultaneously on a single machine, allowing for maximum utilization of the physical hardware’s computing capacity.

Maximizes IT team efficiencies: A virtualized environment enables your organization to operate with fewer servers which means your IT team will be able to spend less time maintaining the physical hardware and IT infrastructure.  They will be able to install, update, and maintain your IT environment across all the VMs in the virtual environment on the server rather than having to applying the updates on each individual server.  Less time dedicated to maintaining the environment increases your team’s efficiency and productivity.

Reduces downtimes and improve business resiliency: If an operating system or application fails due to a disaster or some other technical issue in a traditional environment, it can cause service disruptions for days while your IT team scrambles to provision and set up new physical servers. In a virtualized environment your IT team can simply move your VM to another hypervisor on another machine that is still working within minutes, improving your business resiliency.

Expands scalability while minimizing capital investments: In a virtualized environment, changing business needs can be easily managed by allocating resources to balance workloads. If an application grows quickly while another is underutilized, virtualization allows fast and easy scaling to meet the requirements of the growing application while reducing resources to the underutilized applications.  The ability to reallocate resources enables business to grow and meet computing needs without a large investment in new hardware and software.

Improves DevOps productivity: The need to keep up with changing technologies and improve user experiences has made it necessary for application developers and IT operations teams to develop and release new applications and features far more frequently than ever before.  This has put an ever-increasing demand on IT infrastructure that VMware is idea for sustaining because developers can quickly engage a VM to run DevOps tests without impacting the production environment.

VMware has over 500,000 clients spanning 130 countries across the globe.  This success can be attributed to its ability to create multiple efficiencies and cost savings in a time when demand for IT resources has never been greater.

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