Cloud Migration

Migrating to the Cloud Made Easy

The most significant transformation within IT organizations in the last 10 years has been the change in philosophy from managing their own infrastructure to migrating their IT footprint to the Cloud. This shift has been driven by the need to update IT infrastructure, improve security, reduce operational costs, and to capitalize on new technologies. SMB’s have quickly recognized the benefits of upgrading technology through migration to the Cloud. The Cloud has given them access to considerable IT resources without investing in infrastructure or hiring trained staff. 

“Although migration is easier today than the traditional lift-and-shift of IT hardware, it is not without its challenges. Choosing the right Cloud can impact everything from costs to security risks.”, says Vincent Yeung, Manager, Enterprise Services & Provisioning\CISO, Cover-All Managed IT Services.

In 2016, IBM and VMware entered a strategic partnership to provide clients with an easier way to migrate their IT environment to the Cloud. In fact, IBM Cloud® for VMware Solutions was jointly engineered, and was the first Cloud solution built for VMware workloads. They also have a joint innovation lab which enables a strong level of engineering collaboration between the two companies, resulting in a positive customer experience on the joint platform. “This partnership has made the migration process more seamless for organizations and there are other benefits that are compelling for businesses.”, says Yeung.

Top 5 reasons to run VMware workloads on IBM Cloud

  1. IBM Cloud is compatible with existing VMware environments, making the migration process seamless and more cost-effective. This means that organizations transitioning to IBM Cloud don’t have to retrain, re-architect or create incompatible environment silos.
  2. It is highly scalable allowing businesses to quickly increase or decrease IT resources as needed to meet changing demand while minimizing capital expenditures. IBM Cloud® for VMware Solutions provides right-size infrastructure and performance with 100+ bare metal configurations for VMware while reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with no-cost data transfer within a private network. VMware Cloud Director also enables the ability to extend VMs to the Cloud with ultimate capacity and scalability, while paying only for what is consumed.
  3. IBM Cloud® is the most secure, enterprise-grade cloud for VMware workloads. Given the focus on business-critical workloads and business-sensitive data, it is designed from the bottom up, with a focus on security and compliance needs for enterprise customers.
  4. Many organizations are making application modernization a top priority. IBM Cloud® for VMware Solutions enables organizations to protect its investments in corporate intellectual property by updating its software portfolio to take advantage of contemporary infrastructure, tools, languages, and other technological advancements. 
  5. It enables businesses to strengthen disaster recovery and business continuity. A robust cloud disaster recovery (DR) and backup strategy with multiple solution options and an expansive network of data centre-to-data centre replication helps protect organizations in the event of planned or unplanned outages.        

The results of this collaboration on the organizations are also evident in the results achieved. In a study of five organizations using IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions, Forrester’s conclusions on the 3-year financial impact are quite impressive. These organizations saw a 153% ROI, developer productivity improvement of $1.8m, data centre costs reduced by $1.4m, reduced downtime of $330K, security efficiency improvement of $410K, operational efficiencies of 930K, and a $1.3m in disaster recovery cost savings.

Migrating VMware workloads to IBM Cloud while using existing tools and technology is not only easier with IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions, but it can help to transform your organizations in ways that will help improve future success. 

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