Cover-All Managed Cloud and IT Services joins IBM Cloud Services as a business partner

Jan 31, 2019

Cover-All Managed Cloud and IT Services is pleased to announce we have partnered with IBM Cloud through its Services and Solutions Provider Program to give our clients access to innovative IBM Cloud technologies with the added benefit of Cover-All’s personalized service.

“As cloud computing becomes increasingly complex for organizations, Cover-All knows that it is important to offer our clients more tools that will help them go to market faster”, says Steve Leggett, Managing Director, Cover-All Managed Cloud and IT Services. “Many businesses are not equipped with full service IT departments. They are looking to move to the cloud and outsource their cloud infrastructure to gain access to the latest cloud technology. Working with Cover-All, they will have the best of both worlds – access to IBM Cloud technologies accompanied by the personalized service that Cover-All is known for in the areas of security, availability, monitoring, operations and support”, says Leggett.

Partnering with IBM Cloud will give our clients access to any of IBM’s over 60 cloud data centres worldwide, with a broad array of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) hardware platforms, including bare metal, VSI and GPU.

“The tremendous flexibility that this IBM Cloud partnership gives us to provide our clients with customized cloud infrastructures with the latest technologies is exciting for all of us at Cover-All. It will make it easier and faster for our clients to take advantage of the latest technologies and move to the cloud”, says Leggett.


Cover-All Managed Cloud and IT Services is a Managed Services Provider (MSP) delivering cost effective solutions for Managed Cloud, Managed IT, Cyber Security, Co-Location, Backup & Recovery/DR, and Cloud and IT Consulting Services.

For more information on how Cover-All’s IBM Cloud Partnership can benefit your organization call us today at 1-833-268-3788, or visit our website at