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CCS Atmosphere© provides virtualized computing resources over the internet and is a cost effective and secure way to host your servers, storage, and networking capacity in a managed Cloud environment.

We are not like other companies that expect you to design your own Cloud infrastructure and estimate your own IT expenses.  Utilizing CCS Atmosphere©, our team of Cloud specialists will build the Cloud infrastructure that best meets your company’s needs and invoice you a monthly subscription price – no surprises!  As your business grows and your requirements change, we provide you with ongoing support to ensure your Cloud infrastructure adapts to your changing needs.  Our team will explain how the Cloud works, how it can help you maximize business opportunities and how you can save time and money with CCS Atmosphere®.  That is the Cover-All difference!

Cover-All’s partnership with IBM Cloud provides you with access to any of IBM’s over 60 Cloud Data Centres worldwide, with a broad array of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) hardware platforms, including bare metal, VSI and GPU.  This ensures you will have the best of both worlds – access to IBM Cloud technologies accompanied by the personalized service that Cover-All is known for in the areas of security, availability, monitoring, operations and support.

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We help build your Cloud infrastructure with a suite of services to meet your unique business needs.  
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Maximize Success
CCS Atmosphere©

(Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS)

CCS Atmosphere© is a cost effective and secure way to access hosted servers, storage, and networking capacity in a managed Cloud environment.

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Improve Efficiency
CCS Aurora©
(Software as a Service or SaaS)

CCS Aurora© is leading edge “on-demand software” that will save you time and money.

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Strengthen Security
CCS Corona©
(Cloud Security)

CCS Corona© is Cover-All’s state-of-the-art Cloud-based security designed to protect your Cloud data.

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