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5 things you should know about mainframe computers

Mainframeshost most of the world’s data: Mainframes are used to process about95% of the transactions in the banking, insurance, airline and retailindustries and host about 70% of the world’s data.  They often run mission critical workloads thathave specific performance and security requirements best served by a mainframecomputer.Mainframesecurity is unmatched: The IBM zSeries is [...]

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A mainframe’s place in a modern IT environment - Cover-All Managed IT Services

A mainframe’s place in a modern IT environment

As companies migrate to the cloud, they are quickly realizing that the  mainframe still has a place in the modern IT environment. When you hear the word mainframe, images of massive antiquated systems likely come to mind. Many companies view mainframes as legacy systems and are looking towards the cloud as a more [...]

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