Cloud Security Breach

Cloud Security Breaches Impact 98% of Organizations

Almost all caused by customer  The Cloud has seen a slow and steady integration into corporate IT infrastructure since the early 1990’s.  The flexibility of the Cloud to enable businesses to rapidly deploy services and applications has enabled businesses to cope with the shift to a remote workforce due to the Covid-19 pandemic. [...]

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Virtual Networks

The Benefits of Outsourcing Virtual Networks

Within the last 12 months the increased demand on workforce mobility has made virtual networking a critical component of IT operations for most businesses. New IDC research highlights that close to 65% of all server tasks around the globe are run on virtual servers. Virtual networks allow for communication between multiple platforms, including [...]

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Cloud Migration

Migrating to the Cloud Made Easy

The most significant transformation within IT organizations in the last 10 years has been the change in philosophy from managing their own infrastructure to migrating their IT footprint to the Cloud. This shift has been driven by the need to update IT infrastructure, improve security, reduce operational costs, and to capitalize on new [...]

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VMware, helping organizations stay competitive

Server virtualization is an indispensable part of all organizations that are in the midst of digital transformation critical to staying relevant and competitive.  Recognizing the needs of their customers while ensuring consistency and 24/7 availability, organizations have turned to new technologies to help achieve their goals.VMware has unlocked the value of the Cloud [...]

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IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions

Download – Leverage IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions to deploy new or existing workloads [...]

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E-Presentment is transforming the way organizations deliver customer service

Improving the customer experience has been a top priority for organizations going back several decades.  As a result, businesses have been investing in technologies that enable customer self-service.  Customers can now receive various documents including invoices, statements, credit notices, and more, securely through online portals.  This process of delivering traditionally paper-based documents online [...]

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