Cover-All Managed IT Services - Case Study

Case Study: Private Cloud

Growing companies can minimize the impact on capital and operating costs utilizing a private cloud.

Our client is an industry leader that operates in more than 170 countries and has over 10,000 employees worldwide. Between 2012 and 2018, they experienced significant growth through continuous customer engagement and innovation. As a result of this growth, their corporate data requirements doubled in 6 short years. Their need to find IT solutions that would grow with them, without significant increases in capital and operating costs, was critical for their business success.

Business Challenges

Pull quote Private CloudOur client had 34 servers and 10TB of storage co-located at Cover-All, which more than handled corporate computing requirements when they were first installed. As they grew, their data storage requirements had doubled, and their servers approached end-of-life. To complicate matters, during a regularly scheduled Disaster Recovery (DR) Test, Cover-All determined that their tape drives were no longer fast enough to restore their environment within their 24 hour disaster Recovery Time Objective (RTO). It was also determined that a majority of the recovery hardware (servers/storage) were not compatible with what was in production.

In order to meet their objectives, the cost to update their hardware was estimated at over $200,000, which would have a significant impact on their capital and operating budgets. If they did not update their hardware to meet their disaster RTO, it could severely impact their ability to recover from a disaster. Our client turned to Cover-All looking for solutions.

Business Solutions

Instead of putting a strain on their capital budgets by purchasing new hardware at a cost of $200,000 and amortizing the cost over a 60 month period, Cover-All proposed they utilize our private cloud option, CCS Atmosphere©. By making the switch, our client realized operating cost savings including existing co-location fees, VMWare licence, Windows licences, and Server/Storage Area Network (SAN) maintenance.

Cover-All provided an end-to-end cloud services solution that included 34 virtual private cloud servers, production and additional storage, software and licence fees and system management. It also included a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery service including on-site backup, replica storage, archive storage, 2 dedicated disaster recovery servers, network costs and monthly backup management – all in a secure data centre.

Business Results

Our client now has the IT environment necessary to meet current data needs, with plenty of room to grow as its business expands, without costly capital expenditures straining their budget. They have realized over 30% savings in IT operating expenses and were able to redeploy one full-time employee to other projects now that Cover-All manages their private cloud environment as part of their service. They also improved their systems, network, application and data security through Cover-All’s CCS Corona©, a state-of-the-art cloud-based security solution designed to protect their cloud. They are confident in the knowledge that their hardware and software are always up-to-date, and they now have to ability to recover their systems within 24 hours of a disaster.

Our clients’ realization that their server environment no longer had the capacity to handle their current business needs led to upgraded technology and increased capacity with rapid scalability, at significant cost savings.


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