Top 10 Cyber Security Strategies for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

It is not a fad anymore. This is not a drill. At this stage, businesses should be including cyber security as a key component of their strategic planning.As we know, data is the new oil. Although cyber risk has been a factor since the inception of the Internet, the Canadian Centre for Cyber [...]

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Remote Workforce Endpoint Security Threads on Rise

Remote Workforce Endpoint Security Threats on the Rise

In the last two years, the transformation of the workplace to an expansive remote workforce has created a shift in the IT infrastructure of most organizations across the globe. Accompanying this shift to a remote workforce is a significant increase in cyber security threats to organizational networks through endpoints, making endpoint security a [...]

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Cloud Security Breach

Cloud Security Breaches Impact 98% of Organizations

Almost all caused by customer  The Cloud has seen a slow and steady integration into corporate IT infrastructure since the early 1990’s.  The flexibility of the Cloud to enable businesses to rapidly deploy services and applications has enabled businesses to cope with the shift to a remote workforce due to the Covid-19 pandemic. [...]

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